Life Energy Medical

Life Energy Medical sells and leases rehabilitation medical devices, elderly care devices and healthy protein in order to provide health for senior citizens. Our gym is made to support the health especially for seniors.
All health equipment are made in Japan. These exercise machines are patented exercise machines specializing in seniors and disabled people in Japan where the super-aging is advancing.
We provide services in accordance with the living environment and culture of Thailand, and our driving force is the pleasure of being able to go out for seniors, elderly care and disabled people.

The lack of exercise in the seniors makes the muscle fibers thinner, making it harder to walk, stand up and lift objects.
Now, with body care you can extend your healthy life without a need of elderly care in the future. Those who need body care are not only the young people, but also needed for the middle-aged and elderly people aged 50 to 70 years.

Life Energy Medical’s attitude is to help such senior layers health.

We have 3 Facebook pages.
Life Energy to introduce care and nursing products to the elderly or patients from Japan.
Life Energy Medical introduces TURTLE GYM exercise machines for the elderly.
Life Energy Medical English Ver introduces care and nursing products and TURTLE GYM in English.
The company continuously creates new content and advertisements. Can follow through the channels mentioned above

Life Energy Medical will operate in line with the idea of Normalization.


Normalization is one of the social welfare principles that began in Europe in the 1960s, and it is normal for people with disabilities and healthy people to share social life without being distinguished from each other. It is a way of thinking that it is of a desirable figure.

Thailand’s Aging Society

Among the ASEAN countries, Thailand is on the rise in economic growth, but is now an aging society.
It will be an aging society in 2030, and is expected to become a super aging society by 2050. In terms of the aging population, Thailand and China are advancing at the same speed, and both are expected to reach an aging society in 2030. In 2040, the combined population of middle-aged and late-aged is expected to overtake the elderly population.

Thailand is popular among foreigners, and GDP is the top among ASEAN countries.
However, GDP per capita is about 1/9 of Singapore. With the declining birthrate and aging population lower in GDP than in developed countries, the burden on medical expenses in the country is increasing year by year.

We feel the handicapped, the elderly, and caregivers are less likely to be seen in Bangkok city. It seems that wheelchair users and disabled people are rarely seen in the city as in other developed countries.
The repairs to the sidewalks are not caught up and vendor stalls are scattered on the sidewalk. Traffic jams of people and cars throughout the day are constant. The BTS is always crowded . Air pollution is PM2.5. Lack of physiotherapists, (1.3 per 10,000 in Thailand, 7.8 in Japan). Bangkok is full of the excitement of young people and foreigners, but it is a little difficult for seniors and disabled people to freely walk around the city in aging Thailand.

Life Energy Medical encourages seniors to live healthy, and people with disabilities and those who care for their elderly care can go out without inconvenience.

Senior population distribution in Thailand by age group

population distribution in Thailand by age group

Thailand’s population by age group and percentage of care recipients

Self-supporting senior Senior needing nursing care
Elderly people
95% 5%
89% 11%
69% 31%

Thailand’s population structure and the need for senior generation’s exercise

Those who have contributed to the current development of Thailand for 20 to 30 years are around 50 to 60 years old now. At that time, people continued to work hard without the current health boom and information.
Many still feel still young but the body is definitely old. The 55-year-old retirement age is also the age at which problems with elderly care for parents emerge.
Due to aging and the lack of exercise, the muscle fibers become thinner and it becomes difficult to walk, to stand up, and/or to lift objects. If you do body care now, you can delay the time to reach the nursing care period and extend a healthy life span. The longer you’re healthy, the less you are a burden on your family. Those who need body care are not young people, they are actually middle-aged and elderly people aged 50 to 70 years.

Frailty refers to the condition in which the body is weakened by stress. In addition to degrading the quality of life, elderly people have the risk of causing a variety of complications.
At the Frailty stage, you can still get back to your healthier state if you intervene properly.
However, it is not so easy to return to the original condition once care is required.
Maintaining and improving frailty can shorten the time required for nursing care and extend a healthier life span.

Bangkok population composition (2015)

Bangkok population composition (2015)

Frailty model

Frailty model