Turtle Gym

Let’s extend healthy life with Turtle gym!

Gym made for senior
Gym made for senior

Life Energy Medical offers Exercise gym machine for elderly to restore the strength of the senior generation and lead a healthy life.
It is not for the purpose of Dieting or a strong body like a general gym or fitness.

  • Recently, it has become more frequent to stumble when walking along the road.
  • Get tired easier from going up and down stairs.
  • Can not keep up with grandchildren.
  • Harder to get out of bed.
  • Hard to stand up.
  • Couldn’t do the movements that I had done before.

It is a gym for returning the muscle strength of such people.
Unlike a general workout machine mechanism, the Turtle Gym torque is electronically controlled.
There is little risk of injury as it controls torque according to the rehabilitation and the strength of the person being exercised. If you stop the operation on the way, machine will also stop. For the elderly, it can be risk because their health is not as heathy as teenage. Before doing exercise, these are things you need to do.

  • Do the counseling before workout.
  • Measure blood pressure.
  • Measure muscular strength and explain with a graph.

A physical therapist is accompanied during rehabilitation & exercise, so it is safe for those who are new to a gym. If you are worried about coming alone, you may visit with someone. We hope that as many people as possible can learn about their strength status and use them as a reference for senior health management.

Gym made for Senior
Gym made for Senior
Gym made for Senior

At our gym for seniors, we use the exercise machine (Turtle Gym) from safe and secure Esaki Equipment Co., Ltd.’s new rehabilitation, focusing on “senior muscle training”.
This Turtle Gym’s exercise machine for rehabilitation is the second establishment outside of Japan, followed by Singapore, and our first establishment in Thailand.
Turtle gym is neither weight or oil pressure movement. It is electronically controlled, it is a compact and a reasonable exercise machine. The execution machines patented electronically controlled cylinder mounted for rehabilitation.
Customers appreciate the compact size and reasonable price range that are easy to install even in limited spaces.

12 good points of TURTLE GYM

  • Automatic electronic control system, adjustable force, designed for ease of use.
  • Designed for the elderly by a Japanese medical device company with 70 years of experience.
  • Made the easiest way for elderly to adjust by themselves
  • Efficiency motor has passed the durability test by continuously used for 3 years
  • Have test data from ASICS at the Research Institute by Sports Engineering Laboratory
  • Active at 5 branches of Tryus, Specialized Day services, provided by ASICS. Check for more info: tryus.jp
  • Used in hospital Several rehabilitation centers for the elderly and fitness centers in Japan
  • Has wheels for easy mobility, even a single woman can move it
  • Turtle Gym’s unique actuator mechanism that requires less maintenance
  • Consumes only 50W electricity per hour
  • Low sound without noise
  • You can choose the color you like. (Optional price)

Origin of the Turtle Gym naming

The turtle gym, a rehabilitation machine named from the idea that “We want you to make sure that you take care of your health slowly as you walk through life like a turtle.” We offer 7 models that are suitable for various body parts, and we will deliver “Turtle-like training” that can be gentle, thorough and slow training. Please try a new type of training machine that opens up the future of the welfare society!

Turtle Gym