Turtle Gym

The exercise machine (Turtle Gym) used in our gym for seniors is

Control the load according to the individual’s muscle strength. So it’s perfect for seniors who are concerned about muscle damage!

Low-risk design machine that “resembles the power of the individual”

“If you put a force in the water and move it quickly, you get a heavy load and if you move it slowly with a light force it gets a light load.” An exercise that receives a load according to the force generated by such muscles is called isokinetic muscle contraction exercise.
The exercise machine “turtle gym” for rehabilitation was born by utilizing this movement principle. It is an unprecedented machine that allows you to control the load of the machine to your own strength. The weight-stacked machine used to be so stressful to the muscles that old people said, “I can’t move the machine even the lightest setting.”

Turtle Gym - Exercise Machine for Senior

Also, you can not stop on the way because the start and stop will always be in the same place. It was necessary to always keep watching the person.

“The turtle gym” can control its own load according to one’s own strength, so for weaker persons are lighter and persons stronger can exercise at their corresponding loads. It can be stopped whenever you like. Therefore, from rehabilitation to training, it is a machine that helps to maintain and improve the health of people of all ages.

Isokinetic muscle contraction exercise

It is an exercise that keeps constant contraction rate of muscle. The training method is not only effective in preventing muscle damage but also exerts a sufficient load on muscles in all exercise areas because the entire area of exercise is loaded with the same amount of force that the muscles produce.

Turtle Gym - Exercise Machine for Senior
Turtle Gym - Exercise Machine for Senior

Because it is an electric assist type, there is no oil leak that becomes a problem in hydraulic type machine. It is excellent in durability!

hydraulic type machine

Unlike the hydraulic type, which is mainly used for exercise machines and training machines for rehabilitation, the turtle gym is equipped with a utility model electronically controlled cylinder.
This realizes “isokinetic exercise” that is considered expensive and difficult for general training machines.
The turtle gym is designed to move at a constant speed regardless of the pushing and pulling forces.
If you try to overtake this speed, the turtle gym will move at the same speed that will resist and load.
A major feature of the electronically controlled cylinder type is that it has no oil leak like hydraulic type and has excellent durability. As a result, not only is the burden of maintenance on failure reduced, but running costs are also reduced.

Turtle Gym - Exercise Machine for Senior
Electric Actuator (Turtle Gym)
Patented in Japan, USA, Germany, China, Taiwan
General actuators

“What kind of training effect do you care about?” Even once a week, you can realize the effect steadily!

The turtle gym is also characterized by a compact body compared to the conventional exercise machine for rehabilitation and training.
In many nursing homes and day care, there are many cases where the space for machines to be installed is limited. In such a case, the exercise machine of the turtle gym which does not require facilities such as weights can be installed relatively compactly in a relatively small space.
The weight is also lighter. Female staff can easily move and set up, so it can be easily redesigned to the space and/or change the layout.

Turtle Gym - Exercise Machine for Senior

“Compact body” that can reduce the occupancy space. Even facilities with limited space can be placed relatively easily.

The point that everyone is most concerned about is the “effect after introduction”.
The following is data on users acquired at a daycare in Japan, where Turtle Gym was installed and used. We have data of Turtle Gym [before use] [after three months of use] [after six months of use] separately.
By the way, users of TRIAS are characterized by a slightly larger number of women and many people requiring nursing care.

One-leg standing duration with vision
Quote : ASICS Sports Institute of sport science
Walk test (Walking speed)
Quote : ASICS Sports Institute of sport science

In the three tests of [standing up] [walking] and [difficulty to fall], all numerical data improved at six months after use compared to before the use of turtle gym (the situation of the user improved) had been confirmed.
For example, in the [standing up] test, as a result of measuring the rising time of 5 times, after 6 months of use, resulting in being able to stand up 0.5 seconds earlier, confirming the improvement of leg strength and standing power. The attention / performance function (TMT-A test) and the eye-opening one foot standing time test were performed in the [it is hard to fall] test, the attention / execution function became faster by about 8.5 seconds, and the eye-opening single foot standing time was extended by about 2.4 seconds.
Based on these results, customers are also pleased that “the accumulation of rehabilitation by Turtle Gym seems to have brought about an exercise effect for users.”

List of the exercise machines of Turtle Gym

A lineup of seven types of rehabilitation and training machines for each part of the body that you want to move.
Because you can control the load according to your strength, you can reduce the risk of muscle and joint damage.