Company’s Profile

Company Name
Life Energy Medical Co.,Ltd
01B Thai Samut Building 163 Surawongse Road Suriyawongse Bangrak Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Takaaki Imamura
Capital Ratio
TEMCO., LTD. 51% Japanese 49%
Between BTS Sala Daeng Station and Chong Nonsi station
Main Bank
Bangkok Bank Silom (Head Office)
Service (Sales)
Health food & Supplement
Gym Tools (for Senior)
Shoulder Press, Chest Press, Twister, Abdominal back, Hip Adduction, Leg Curl, Leg Press
Elderly Care Tools
Exercise Tools of walking
Home care products
Life Energy Medical Co.,Ltd

Management philosophy

We at Life Energy Medical Co., Ltd.’s management philosophy is to contribute to the reintegration of our customers through the Medical industry and to grow together with the theme of “The pleasure of being able to go out”.
Life Energy Medical will operate in line with the idea of Normalization.

Normalization is one of the social welfare principles that began in Europe in the 1960s, and it is normal for people with disabilities and healthy people to share social life without being distinguished from each other. The idea is to say which is the origin of the desirable appearance. We aim to create a society in which all people, including the elderly, disabled people and carers, to become independent, dignified and important members of society to interact with each other across generations. It is a social welfare activity promoted mainly in developed countries.

Life Energy Medical has launched a Medical Gym to help seniors recover their strength and lead a healthy life.

CEO : Mr.Imamura

Five “C” for Employees

What is this? Why? Will it become better? Mindset to think and feel.
A strong heart that expresses what you think and what you think is correct.
Do not neglect to prepare for a goal with a strong mind and act with confidence.
Constancy (Continuity)
Strong mind that keeps acting towards the goal.
Check (improvement)
A humble mind that improves one’s own thoughts and also the opinions of people.

Business contents

Sales of medical equipment, elderly care equipment, and health supplements made in Japan, which were cultivated in Japan where the super-aging is advancing.
We provide services in accordance with the living environment and culture of Thailand, and our driving force is the pleasure for seniors, elderly care and disabled people of being able to go out.